Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are walk-ins allowed?

While we will try our best to accomodate walk-in clients, there is no guarantee someone wil be available to assist you with a fitting without an appointment.

2. How many guests should I bring to my appointment?

While having a bride tribe is a great support system, you really should limit your guest to about 3 or 4 people who you trust 100% with offering you suggestions and support.

3. Are kids allowed in the bridal boutique?

We love children, we really do, however, we find that children normally get restless in the boutique as there is not really any activities to keep them busy. We will not restrict children from entering the boutique, we just ask that they are carefully monitored as our boutique includes lots of white dresses!

4. What does a bridal appointment include?

Each appointment is 90 minutes and includes as many styles as you can fit, although our recommendation is to limit your try on to 8 gowns are less, because anything else becomes overwhelming for a bride.