The Creamery Cart

The cutest coffee shop in town!

Meet Leigh

Picture of a woman working at a coffee shop

Favorite Latte:
Lavendar Honey Latte

Why I love working here:
I love working at the Creamery Cart because of our clients! Seeing familiar faces daily makes me smile and warms my heart that they have fallen in love with our lattes the same as we did when creating the magic recipes.

Meet Davey

a guy pouring a latte

Favorite Latte:
Cinnamon Pecan Iced Latte

Why I love working here:
The smell of coffee! You cannot beat the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and/or espresso. I get to walk into work daily knowing I can create a craft drink to bring a smile to someone’s face. How can a person not want to work here!

Meet Ashton

barista showing latte art

Favorite Latte:
Hazelnut Nonfat Latte

Why I love working here:
The beauty in working here is creating new coffee flavors and blends. I love being able to just get behind the counter and try new flavors with customers and get their feedback. I wake up daily knowing that I will make someone happy!

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